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Natixis in Portugal


Natixis in Portugal is fully integrated in the global organization of Natixis, a French multinational financial services firm specialized in asset & wealth management, corporate & investment banking, insurance and payments. A subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, Natixis counts nearly 16,000 employees across 38 countries.

Based in Porto, Natixis Innovation Hub mission is to transform traditional banking by developing innovative solutions for the bank’s business, operations and work culture worldwide, as a key driver of the company’s culture of agility and innovation. Teams of IT and Banking Support Activities work in an integrated, inclusive and transversal way, supporting all the business lines and country platforms.

Natixis in Portugal is the best combination of a “start-up mindset” with a large, solid structure. Its unique culture gives true meaning to a “beyond banking” personality: to be a real entrepreneur, self-challenging, ever striving to excel and go that extra mile.

This is how your future can look like

Our People

Join a team where you can make things change, achieve limitless perspectives to evolve and grow, become an expert and reach your full potential! 

Guilherme Aleluia, Junior Developer

Mariana Alves, Junior BI Engineer

Mariana Silva, Junior Developer

Simão Lucio, Junior Developer

José Pedro Fernandes, Associate Vetting Analyst

Sara Gomes, Junior Vetting Analyst

Rui Silva, Senior Transaction Monitoring Analyst


Our Projects

The world of banking is changing fast. Blink and you might start lagging behind.

Investments can go from your smartphone to the opposite corner of the world at twice the speed of the best Wi-Fi network you’ve ever, ever used.

If you’re into IT, you’ll be key in developing new tools or providing support to the ones already holding up our global services. If Banking and Economics is your thing, you can enjoy a front row seat at how international financial markets operate.

Having recently evolved to Natixis Innovation Hub, we’re growing our team and welcoming new projects. Purple Scan Trainee Edition offers you a unique opportunity to learn from teams that are global players, while upgrading your skills. If you’re looking for a thrilling and inspiring workplace, in the heart of the city, Natixis is the place to be!

If you have studied a Computer Science or IT related degree, there are three main areas:

  • Trainee Developer | Most of the teams use Java or C#, but our tech stack is huge!
  • Trainee IT Support Engineer | If you are into DevOps and imagine yourself in a team that deals with lots of technologies at once, these projects are great to kickstart your career!
  • Specific entry level positions ranging from Cyber Security, Networking, Messaging, Packaging to Quality Assurance.

If you have studied a Law, Finance, Banking, Economics or Accounting degree, these areas might be worth your time to take a look:

  • Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering | You’ll make sure that no potential client would join Natixis, unless they are completely legal and transparent!
  • Risk | Put your math skills into practice to project probable scenarios in Financial Markets!
  • Reporting and Administration | Create visually clear reports from raw data and make sure that the invoices of huge international deals are all in top shape!

Purple Scan

If you have recently completed your studies and can’t wait to kickstart your career, this might just be the right opportunity for you!
Purple Scan Trainee Edition is a Natixis in Portugal program, designed to hire and empower young talent, through continuous learning and on-the-job training.
Are you the right fit?

Feel at home in an international environment
Are able to interact in English
Naturally both help and rely on your team
Like to see great things happening
Are able to independently pace yourself in a trusting and informal environment

Candidate's Journey

If the answer is YES, you’re ready to start our digital recruitment process, combining individual assessments and virtual group activities

Online Application


Fill in the application form, sharing your LinkedIn profile. We will reach out to you soon!

Until July 26 | Until July 31 | August 17



Natixis calling! How motivated are you to join us? Tell us everything!

July 24 to 28 | July 27 to August 3 | August 3 to August 19

Assessment Day


During this day, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know Natixis in Portugal, participate in a virtual guided tour around our office and go through a series of activities: an individual intro, group dynamics and a speed interview.

July 30 | August 6 & 11 | August 21



We’ve no doubt you’ve given your absolute best! We won’t take long!



You did it! Enjoy your journey at Natixis in Portugal!

From September onwards 

Here’s a sneak peak of our coolest benefits and perks!

If you're still curious at this point,
don't miss out our live Q&A sessions!

August 13th @ 6:00PM

Catch-up Q&A for the August 21st Group Assessment: if there's still a spot for you, here's where you can know all about it :)